Supporting Small Businesses this Christmas

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

So, we are all feeling the strain of this second lockdown in the UK, but none more than small businesses. The huge corporations are cashing in, Bezos is estimated to have made $48 billion from March to June this year while small businesses are struggling to stay afloat, so we feel it is more important than ever to shop small and shop local.

Each town and city will have their own businesses crying out for help, so make sure to check out those places first. See Facebook or the Nextdoor app to tap into what's going on in your area and ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations and information on what's going on in your community. We have created this guide now to encourage people to start thinking about gifts a little earlier this year, meaning people don't feel forced to turn to Amazon Prime for next day delivery.

It's good to remember the power you have with your voice too. You could do a lot for a small business by simply posting about it or by leaving them a positive review online. Finding their Google reviews or Trustpilot page and writing about your experience with a brand will help other people find that business and probably make the owner's day too.

If you're feeling strapped for cash yourself, remember that homemade presents are often some of the best presents and don't feel you have to spend a lot to show someone you love them. A painting, homemade video, pressed flowers, painted pebble from the beach, homemade coupons for making dinner or doing the washing up - these things can all be just as special as something expensive.

But, if you are buying your loved ones something, here is a whole heap of inspiration and ideas on how you can spend your money in a way that will make a real difference:


Obviously, there are plenty of wonderful charity shops out there which offer a great selection of pre-loved items that you could gift, the British Heart Foundation has a great store on Ebay with quality items. Other places like Depop can help you find second-hand bargains and directly benefit the seller on the other end, who might need the cash too. But for small business ideas, look no further:

Bamboo socks from ZeroShop in Nottingham


Female owned, £20 or under

Buying socks is a classic gift for dad. Zero Shop, based in Nottingham, is a treasure trove of an eco store that has a wonderful selection of products - including these Fairtrade, Bamboo socks. They have a range of designs to choose from- from Sharks to Bicycles - and could really do with your support this winter to help them weather the Covid storm.

Check out the socks and their other items here:

An image of Bow ties from Asikara


BIPOC owned business, female owned, £20 or under

Asikara is a brand that takes African influences and fuses them with contemporary British design, they have a range of clothing, masks, headwraps and gorgeous bowties like this one in the picture!

Find them here:

An image of sweatshirts from Big Wild Thought


Big Wild Thought, started in Sheffield, donate 10% of their profits to wildlife charities. They support 10 different wildlife charities, all packaging is recyclable and each order includes information about animal conservation. All of the designs are really adorable and come in a range of colours, what's not to love!

Find them here:

Jewellery from the shop called The Wearer


The Wearer, an independent jewellery boutique, stocks pieces handcrafted by local makers who will, no doubt, have been hit by the aftermath of Covid. The Wearer has a focus on contemporary pieces and most of the designers they work with use recycled materials. You can also ask for bespoke items if you want something extra special! We love these earrings pictured left and may be adding them to our own Christmas list...

Find out more here:


The arts have been one of the hardest hit sectors this year, with artists, comedians, actors, crew members, filmmakers, those who work in theatre buildings and so many more people being forced into uncertainty. Here are just a few ideas of how, by buying your Christmas presents, you can make a difference:

A commissioned portrait of a dog


This website gives you a whole selection of artists, you can see their work and get in touch if you want them to commission something for you. Want a portrait of your cat? Or a mosaic of your other half? Then you can work with your chosen artist to create something special for your home

Find them here:

Other ways to support artists:

  • Attend exhibits and openings online

  • Participate in an online art class- a lot of artists also teach to earn income

  • Directly donate to an artist or gallery in your area

A picture of a cinema membership