the oat milk making kit of dreams

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Finally, a kit that helps you to make oat milk for a fraction of the price! Inside the kit is all of the equipment and know-how you need to be able to make the delicious drink in as little as fifteen minutes. Oat Milk has boomed in popularity recently for its wonderful creamy texture and subtle sweetness, but it can be hugely expensive to buy in the shops, often comes in non-recyclable Tetra Pak cartons and will usually contain preservatives, emulsifiers and additives. By making it yourself, you can make it just how you like it and save a pretty penny too!

Made in the UK - We have only used UK suppliers for our kit in an effort to use local businesses and to reduce our carbon footprint.


No Pesky Plastics - You won't find any plastics in this kit and all of the packaging is fully recyclable.


Built to last - Everything that's included in the kit is high-quality, built to last and all of the products you get have been designed so they can be repurposed when you're not making milk.


A great gift idea - The kit is a brilliant idea for a friend, family member or wonderful as a little treat for your own kitchen!


"I was surprised by how creamy the milk turned out to be and how quick it was to make!  The instructions in the recipe were clear and I liked the quality of the items in the kit." Laura B, Manchester

Everything You'll Get In The Complete Starter Kit:


  • Classic Glass Milk Bottle

  • Unbleached, Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth

  • Coconut Fibre & Rubberwood Bottle Brush

  • Stainless Steel Reusable Straw

  • Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

  • More Than Just A Recipe Book - We give you the ultimate guide to making oat milk with facts, ideas for different flavours, what to do with leftover oat pulp, tips on how to get the best consistency, advice on how to wash the muslin cloth and more!

  • Human Support (If you need anything along the way, we will be here to help you at every step)


All you need to get started is oats, water and a pinch of salt!