A little bit about us

Oh Hey there!


We’re Lianne & Lucy and we co-founded Kitleys. We first met in the playground at primary school at the age of six, we bonded over our shared love for the band Hear'say and have been best friends ever since. As we got older, life took us down different paths but we have always had one thing in common - a passion for taking care of the planet. At the end of 2019, we decided to put our heads together to create a business which focused on our values. Half a year later, voila! Kitleys was born.

What is your vision?

Our vision is to create products that make it easier to be greener, while also saving people money. Everything that comes in our kit is designed to be repurposed and used for years to come, all of our packaging can be recycled and we are encouraging our community to get back to basics by making things ourselves and doing it in a more environmentally friendly way - while also eliminating the need to buy expensive products from the shop. Why are all of the dairy free and eco products so much pricier?


What are your backgrounds?

We were so similar in school that people used to call us 'the twins,' but we actually ended up taking very different career paths. One of us became an actor and the other an engineer. We are incredibly grateful for this because our different skillsets really work in our favour, one of us is trained in product design and manufacturing and the other one of us is incredibly creative and people-orientated. Our differences make us stronger and we celebrate that with pride.

We are incredibly grateful for everyone who takes the time to visit our website and invest in us as humans. We have high hopes for creating a business that will promote sustainability and give back to the community - we can't wait to see what the future holds!