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A little bit about us

Well hello there!


Who are you? 


We are Harry and Alex, a couple from London and originally from Suffolk. We went to school together and have known each other since we were 11 years old. 

How did you end up owning Kitleys?


We have always wanted to work together, and so, in the depths of Lockdown 1, we set out to create a sustainable business. Along this journey, we came across the Kitleys website and met Lianne and Lucy, the co-founders of Kitleys. We were so impressed with what they had created that we reached out to ask for some advice on how to start our own sustainable business. Fast forward 6 months, and Lianne and Lucy were looking to sell the business and we couldn't say no!

Why choose Kitleys?


If you buy your oat milk, and you use as much as we do, that’s a lot of cartons from the shop each week. It can generate a small mountain of packaging waste, and can be a little pricey too. This is where Kitleys comes in. Our kit give you the tools you need to make delicious oat milk from the comfort of your own home, helping reduce your household waste as well as saving you a few quid too. What’s not to love?

What is your vision?

As Kermit the frog once said “it’s not that easy being green”. We have noticed that there is a ‘green premium’ associated with many environmentally friendly products, making these products less appealing to consumers like you or I. Our vision is to create a range of affordable products that make it easier to be greener - enabling people to be kinder to the planet (as well as their bank balance!).


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